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Heath Ledger: In Loving Memory

Yesterday I was shocked to learn of the death of Heath Ledger. It's so sad and shocking. He will be missed greatly. I'm pretty much at a loss of what to say.

I know that his role in 10 Things I Hate About You, A Knights Tale and Brokeback Mountain spoke volumes of his talent and natural acting ability. He was one of those guys you just had to love. His smile and charisma lit up the screen.

You will be missed......

I'm A Bad Ass Bitch...

I was so good in 2007 so that he wouldn't fuck with my kids child support...but he did any way..so now I just found him against his will so to speak and left a message on his and her machine...what the fuck are you gonna do now? Now I see why Tupac said fuck the world cause when it's all said and done who really cares? Do you?

Oh how envious I am of you who have perfect lives...

I Know I Need New Icons and Friends..

Life just kind of sucks when you have no one on your side..When you feel all alone. Life just kind of loses meaning. But I am holding out hope that I don't have to give up being me in order to survive. But what a blow I of all people have been led on...wow...usually it's me doing the teasing. But my love life is obsolete cause I officially give up on love. I have turned bitter and cynical and I bet 2008 turns me into my bitchiest ever...I'm tired of giving a fuck...

Times Like This..

I just spent I don't know how many minutes voting on an email only to get most of my answers erased by one button..I'm getting use to my laptop. Any way, I give up and hopefully someone will notice my answers and know how I feel. Michelle McnotCool is the worst diva and Torrie is the best. MVP/Matt is the best tag team. And the Chris Benoit tragedy is NOT a disappointment. I wish I could be killed by Benoit the man is a God! He brought and gave so much to WWE and wrestling and it's what killed him. I would give my life to make sure his memory went down as positive as he was to the wrestling world....

Long live the Benoit legacy............................bitches......